Small business owns more advantages like enough time dominated by individual namely ownership of SOHO or small firms; making decision by ownership; successfully negotiation with clients and gaining more profits by business; managing the employees according to your rational directions. Certainly, the most of advantages as omitting from description, actually many things are with pros and cons. Since we have given examples for advantages of small business, so we have to face a lot of hardships and disadvantages at the same time. If we want to always see the good side for the business, we have to conclude from sorts of failures and others valuable experiences and abandon bad business habits, so that we avoid inefficient working and keep the business process well and keep the business in domain edge. Nowadays competition of business is trending to intense situation, the most of consortium and business giants own enough capitals, advanced technology, experienced management system or related development dept. in company. However, there is nothing to small business or a startup freelancer, so giving small business ownership some tips as good business practices to avoid inefficient working is vital important. At the beginning, we must know which reasons make us far away from high efficient working.

1. Unclear communication

Perhaps you get annoyed with the way people in the company make communication. We always filled with buzzwords or industry speak in emails, sometimes it almost cannot be understood by us about email content, and certainly time also is wasted. Now we try other communication way during job like Onedrive, Worktile, then there is no point to use email anymore. We may work in certain group, and plan, review for related jobs. These corporate coordination platform or ERP systems equipping popular chatting tool like Whatsapp, Yahoo messenger are absolutely to enhance our working efficiency.

2. Bad breaks that do not rejuvenate

Appropriate breaks during job will help you to compete the most high-quality work. Certainly, on contrary to bad breaks, bad breaks will be not helpful anymore. Taking the incorrect type of breaks will drain you. Do not use your break time to ship snap chats or catch up on daytime TV. Rather, find a way to have a break from stimulation and allow your mind relax. Nevertheless, a number of our staff members require breaks to hit the gym or go for a jog. There is evidence to prove that that taking breaks to carry out physical activity will make you a smarter, successful employee.

3. Awful meetings

The most of people know that meetings are some of inefficient practices during business time today, moreover, a remote meetings is excellent worse. For instance, during a remote meeting, employee may chat in the chat box or message each other personally, so that they only come to a conclusions at the end of meeting.We have known some of bad habit for small business, below are some of good business practices  that develop and enhance a better business environment. The business practices are as below;

1. Start with a plan

You would not begin a company without a plan. You want one for your lifetime, also, Choose exactly what you would like to attain this season. When it’s a much healthier lifestyle, additional time with family and friends or having your finances in order, many matters are attainable with the ideal plan. Use the very same methods developed in the company industry to split bigger objectives into smaller actions items. Prioritize these activities to a to-do listing and execute. Sometimes step backwards and ask yourself whether you still need exactly what you set out to attain and if your strategy is successful. If you answer no to adjust the strategy.

2. Surround yourself with good people

You can not run a company without assistance from others. The identical principle applies to a life. It is a lot easier to succeed with an effective service system. Surround yourself with A-players who’ll back you and your own vision. We find that spending some time with hard, positive men and women that are working hard to attain success is a great place to get started. Their energy is infectious.

3. Develop new

Maintaining the very same practices while expecting for change won’t operate. If you would like to shed weight, but continue to consume exactly the exact same manner and preserve your existing level of action, you won’t accomplish your objectives. You have to alter and improve your own processes. As in business, the very first step would be to examine and record your existing procedures or customs . By way of instance, if you’re hoping to give up smoking, record what the scenarios are, and exactly what the times are if you smoke every day. After analyzing your existing habits, make attempts to alter circumstances and patterns where you’d normally smoke. Rather than smoking in a work break, as an instance, opt for a 10-minute brisk walk, go to a colleague or access to this article you have been meaning to see.